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At the second stage, the redox process in tissues gradually decreases, microcirculation in the focus is disturbed, constricted vessels expand. The process progresses: microabscesses increase and merge into larger ones; there is pain, pronounced tissue compaction, edema due to the effusion of plasma proteins and blood cells into the area of ​​damage; there is infiltration of surrounding tissues, reddening of the skin, sometimes the temperature rises.


The rate of spread of the disease depends on the online pharmacy and depth of the lesion, the state of immune defenses, the age of the patient, the start of treatment, and other factors. Classification and stages of development of actinomycosis.


Actinomycosis is online pharmacy into two types according to the path of infection: primary - appears with exogenous infection; secondary - occurs after the spread of infection in the body from the primary focus. Rare localizations of actinomycosis: actinomycosis of the auricle, middle ear, mastoid process, tonsils, nose (after plastic surgery), pterygo-jaw space, thyroid gland, orbit of the eye with its membranes, tear ducts, salivary glands, brain and spinal cord, pericardium, liver, bladder, penis (after sewing an ebonite ball under the skin), large and small labia (after bartholinitis and piercing).


The form of actinomycosis is: localized; common; hematogenous disseminated if the infection has spread through the bloodstream.


According to the period, four stages of actinomycosis are distinguished: First stage; stage of progression; chronization stage; recovery stage.

Pararectal actinomycosis.

Due to untimely diagnosis and delayed treatment, actinomycosis acquires a chronic course, recurs, lasts for years and negatively affects the patient's quality of life. Chronic actinomycosis leads to disability and serious complications: chronic purulent intoxication; persistent anemia, not amenable to anti-anemic treatment; a change in the function of the affected organ due to cicatricial degeneration of tissues and deformation of structures; adhesive process in the abdominal cavity and small pelvis, which at the beginning of the disease is essentially a protective reaction of the body that prevents the rapid spread of infection; septicopyemia; malignancy in the focus of actinomycotic lesions; amyloidosis of internal organs; death.

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Despite the variety of localizations listed, each variant of actinomycosis has common patterns of development. There are four stages of the disease:

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Actinomycosis is a localized inflammatory process. It is limited to one and nearby zones.

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Sometimes thoracic actinomycosis can cause lung neoplasm.

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Laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis depends on many factors and, unfortunately, is not always possible due to the lack of special nutrient media in some laboratories for detecting actinomycetes, insufficient experience of nurses and doctors when collecting and interpreting biomaterial.

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Actinomycetes are unusual bacteria. The standard medium for mushrooms, Sabouraud Dextrose Agar, is not suitable for their growth. They are cultivated only on unenriched nutrient media.

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Difficulties in cultivating actinomycetes are associated with their unique ability to crystallize and self-lyze (dissolve) during a long-term chronic course of the disease.

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